About "Eltronic" Ltd.

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The company ELTRONIC Ltd. was established in 1993 from a group of engineers specializing in the field of electronics, automation, computer systems and technologies. Our competence in Industrial Automation area is proven by large number of successful projects and satisfied customers.

The company is situated in two Bulgarian cities, Ruse and Sevlievo.

The main activities are in “Development, supply and mounting of industrial automation and control systems; manufacturing of automation systems, control systems and other non-standard control systems; industrial electronic service etc.”

The company is located in two Bulgarian cities, Ruse and Sevlievo.

Eltronic Ltd. services for customers including

  • Object research, functions definitions and area of the control system;
  • Equipment delivery;
  • Development of different hardware configurations, software solutions and control possibilities;
  • Design and construction of automation control systems;
  • Project management;
  • System configuration and parameters definition;
  • System installation and start up;
  • Staff training;
  • Warranty and after warranty service.

Main industries


Building Automation



Machine building

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